Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last day in the USA

The weather is so nice here – in the mid to high 70s during the day and quite cool at night. Noticed that at home in Indiana it is still raining and raining and raining. And down to the high 30s during the day. Looks like maybe some of the rain will turn to snow soon.
Ate dinner at a real neat place – The Cow Palace it’s just across the I-19 from the campground. We ate there a couple of times last year too. Good steaks.
Spent Thanksgiving Day doing last minute things – exciting things like doing the laundry and catching up on bills and mailing Christmas cards. At least this year I remembered to get them out before crossing the border. Also put US stuff away and drug out everything we’ll need to get into Mexico and the stuff we’ll be using there i.e. maps, books, directions etc.
Later we drove down to the little arts and crafts town of Tubac. It's a pretty little place. Just liked these plants.

These are the street signs, they're made of tiles.

Thought we would spend some time there walking around and looking at things. Surprise. It was all closed up. All the restaurants and shops were shuttered tight. Did walk around and took some pictures of some of the stuff they have for sale.
These are so colorful and should be easy to take care of

Really like this - about 3 feet high

Strange feeling to walk around a whole town with no one else there. Eerie.
Well we did see these guys but they wouldn't talk to us.

And then there were these guys!!!

Hope you like these pictures.
Spending the day here in the desert in the rv and not having any turkey dinner reminded me of all the years when the kids were little that we spent these holidays in the desert camping and having hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner. Long time ago.
This is the last update I’ll write on this blog. When we pass into Mexico I’m going to change blogs. The new one will be called Mexico by Motorhome. Will send new address the first time I use it.